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Radon gas concentration in Fukuoka city


大気中ラドンガス濃度のそれに伴うと考えられている地殻の変動が地震の宏観現象と見られるのではないか という調査・研究が世界中で実施されている。プレート型ではなく、直下・活断層型に現れるのではないかとの研究も ある。そのため、福岡市においてラドン濃度を24時間計測して、福岡市及び近郊における地殻変動と 地震の関連を調べることにより、直下型地震の前兆を見出す可能性の研究を行う。

なお、この記録は個人宅に設置した市販のラドン濃度計測器の表示をOCR( SSOCR )によって読み取り、グラフ化 していることから、その変動から得られる現象の判断はまったく個人的なものであり、何ら保証されない見解で あることを特に留意されたい。

<測定機材>ラドン濃度測定器 Family Safety Products社(米国)製 RGD-PS3







Radon concentration measuring instrument RGD-PS3 made by Family Safety Products, Inc. (USA)

· Display unit: Bq / m 3

• Measurement range: 0 to 9999 Bq / m 3

· Operating environment: temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity less than 75%

· Power source used: AC 100 V

· Display reading and recording: Automatically recognize numbers by SSOCR by shooting measured values with USB camera

· Measurement time Once per hour, continuous recording for 24 hours

Relationship between atmospheric radon gas concentration and earthquake

The crustal change considered to be associated with the concentration of atmospheric radon gas may be seen as an ephemeral phenomenon of an earthquake Research and research are being conducted all over the world. Research on whether it appears not directly in the plate type but directly below the active fault type is there. Therefore, we measured the concentration of radon 24 hours in Fukuoka city, and the crustal deformation in Fukuoka city and its suburbs Studying the possibility of finding a precursor to a direct type earthquake by investigating the relation of the earthquake.

In addition, this record is read by OCR(SSOCR ) on the display of a commercially available Radon concentration measuring instrument installed in private residence, graphed Therefore, the judgment of the phenomenon obtained from the change is completely personal, and in a view that is not guaranteed at all Please be aware that there are certain things.

*** 黒い折れ線:ラドン濃度の変化(最大目盛 50Bq/m3) ***

*** Black polygonal line: change in radon concentration (maximum scale 50Bq/m3) ***

*** 青い棒グラフ 24時間に福岡近郊で発生した地震の回数(最大目盛 10回)

*** Blue Bar Chart The number of earthquakes occurring in the vicinity of Fukuoka in 24 hours (maximum scale 10 times) ***

*** 左縦軸:ラドンガス濃度 右縦軸:地震発生回数 ***

*** Left vertical axis: Radon gas concentration,Right vertical axis: Number of occurrences of earthquakes

Radon concentration from 2019/01/17 to 2019/01/31

Radon concentration from 2019/01/17 to 2019/01/31

Radon concentration from 2019/01/17 to 2019/01/31

Radon concentration from 2019/01/17 to 2019/01/31

Radon concentration from 2019/01/17 to 2019/01/31

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